Changing Women's Lives

My client soared! She got clarity about what she wanted in her life. She closed their family business, and rolled her husband into moving back home and she took ownership of her own power. This was an amazing opportunity for me. What worked was her willingness and openness to being coached.

W4C3 Coach

A few months ago in the spring 2014, I stumbled across the http://women4changecc.org/ website for the first time. At the time I was very depressed, stressed and not sure of what to do about a challenging and toxic work environment I was dealing with. I liked the idea of getting professional coaching but I didn’t think it would be possible as I was living paycheck to paycheck in a low income job. As I didn’t think I could afford it I was just searching online for educational resources for self-study.

I was very impressed when I first read about your non-profit organization, the services offered, vision, and goals of W4C3. I applied and was accepted into the program, matched with coach Drew Carey. I was so very excited and happy to begin the coaching program!!

Drew Carey is an excellent coach. I have worked with him over the last few months and he has helped me create very positive changes in my life. Getting a much better job with higher income and much more opportunity for professional advancement is one of the big, positive changes that have taken place for me while working with Drew. He helped me discover my strengths and how to best use my strengths to achieve my goals. Drew is a good listener, easy to talk to while providing objective and helpful feedback. He helped me to find out what is important to me, set goals, determine plans of action and he helped to keep me focused and accountable.

The support and encouragement that Drew provides has helped me realize goals that I had difficulty reaching on my own. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a life or career coach.

Thank you so very much for offering these coaching programs to women who are not earning enough of an income to be able to afford it. The W4C3 is a wonderful program offering a valuable service to people who can really benefit from coaching. This W4C3 program and participating coach Drew Carey have really helped me improve my life. I am sincerely grateful to have been accepted into this program! Thank you so very much!!

W4C3 Client

She is a fit, strong, resilient, 53 year old not-for-profit career professional. Three years ago she was ready move to another part of the country, but, being the responsible person that she is, realized that she needed to become the legal guardian of her 3 year old granddaughter. Now, for the second Christmas in a row, she finds herself unemployed.
Susan has always been a passionate community activist. In her former neighborhood, she started picking up trash, just because, and it turned into a community beautification project that got the attention of more affluent surrounding neighborhoods.
A year ago when she was disengaged from her most recent employer she worked with WorkOne Indy taking classes, attending networking groups and received some one-on-one coaching to help sharpen her interviewing skills. She landed a new job but it was not a good fit and after 6 months, she saw the writing on the wall.
She knew that she needed a coach. “I have been through psychotherapy for years and it was time to find a partnership that would be focused on moving me forward.”
She contacted a local Personal Development Coach and arranged a meeting. After their first session, she went back to work but her employer had decided to let her go. Her coach suggested that they work together through the Women for Change Coaching Community whose mission was to make professional coaching accessible for all women. What a huge blessing! For a registration fee of $35 she received 12 weeks of professional coaching, something she was no longer able to afford at the current market value. She worked hard, did everything she could to hold on to her home, care for her granddaughter and pull herself together to move forward.
Her coach helped her focus on her strengths, understand the value of her experience and story and connect with her passion for community service. She worked on leveraging her strengths through specific language and presentation on her resume and in interviews. Identifying possible barriers to success (age, employment history, parenting responsibility) and turning them into strengths and opportunities was transformative for her outlook on life. She dug in and rediscovered all the wonderful talents and abilities that only she was able to bring to the table of the right company. Her coach also helped her find low cost counseling to fill in the gaps.
This time, Susan was offered every position she applied for. She was more selective and focused and had a clear idea of what the good, better and best scenarios would look like. Honoring her passion for understanding what helps people function at their best in the for-profit world was one of her core values. The day before her final interview for a job she really wanted, she had a short phone conversation with her coach. She told Susan to check out an blog post she had just created that featured a TED Talk video on the importance of the “WHY” in marketing strategies. At the conclusion of her interview she turned to the interviewing managers and said, ”The thing I appreciate most about this company is that you understand the “WHY” of what you are doing.” They turned to look at her, their jaws dropped and they replied, ”How did you know that we just completed training on that very subject?” Synchronicity? Or is it just a part of the mystery of every search for something?
She recently accepted the marketing position with a local for-profit corporation focused on community health and wellness. She was offered more money than the highest salary listed for the job, has good health care coverage and a new lease on life. Before taking on the responsibility of her granddaughter she had wanted to move to the Carolinas. She just completed her initial training for this new position in one of the cities she most wanted to move to. The future is bright!


My client made amazing progress in finally realizing what your true calling and her potential is. It was a blast seeing her grow in creating awareness where she had limited and sabotaged herself. Very inspiring young woman.

W4C3 Coach


Carol recently completed her coaching sessions with Women For Change Coaching Community. We asked her about her experience:
Q: What impact did coaching through W4C3 have in your life?
A: W4C3 not only helped me get the support and direction I needed to reach my goal of putting on a workshop in my area, but also helped me to keep going when I got discouraged. My coaching concentrated on the area of my doing a workshop as well as beginning to market and start a private practice.
Q: What changes have you made as a result of your coaching with your W4C3 coach?
A: I have expanded my marketing strategies to include other areas due to receiving positive support and feedback from my coach.
Q: What did you like best about your coaching experience with W4C3?
A: My coach was always positive and supportive. She really cared! This goes such a long way.
I did not know what to expect from working with a life coach. I never experienced this type of relationship. When I attended a Professional Women’s Group meeting at Dress for Success here in Indianapolis, I received a clearer picture. So I decided to begin a 12-week session with a life coach.  From the start, in speaking with my coach Marie, I knew this was going to be a relationship, which would cause me to grow in various ways. Marie was always encouraging, supportive, and provided me with guidelines along the way. We worked on issues such as self-care, career transition, and communication. The articles, suggestions, and thought-provoking questions inspired me to continue to move forward. I am thankful and appreciative for all of her efforts. I am happy to tell you that I’ve signed up for another 12 wk. session with her.

W4C3 Client