DREAM Creating Meaning in Your Work Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Julie Micale

Judy Micale-Coach

            Develop: Daring to dream is the first step for all of us who want to create a new phase in our life.  Develop the skills and knowledge you will need to achieve your dream.  We have all been there, where the job was just that: a JOB, something to pay the bills. Your heart didn’t […]

5 Good Places to Start by Katie Milton

In conversation with one of my coaching clients recently, she expressed discouragement; frustration with life and wasn’t sure what to do next. She asked, “When you don’t know what to do, how do you figure out what to do?” Great question! And haven’t we all been there?! Feeling so low, confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted that […]

The Present Without Regret

By Marie Nguyen To be happy, one is required to live fully in the present moment.  People who are not happy with their current circumstances often take refuge in their past, especially when they experienced more “glorious days” back then.  Those people often get comfort by dwelling in the past, and eventually they need to […]

Gratitude is “Greattitude”

By Marie Nguyen Yes, you got it right: Gratitude = “Great attitude”.  For me grateful also equals “greatful”, which means that I attract a lot of great things to myself with a heart full of gratefulness.  Gratitude will open one’s heart to more abundance in life. Let’s explore the significance of this formula.  To be […]


By Marie Nguyen The fast and furious queen’s incantation “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of all?” from the Snow White fairy tale reflects the issue of self-acceptance.  From the rise of plastic surgery and the explosion of new procedures, to the ruthless and unethical competition in our universe to “keep up […]

Start By Loving Yourself First

By Marie Nguyen Do you want to be happy?  Do you want a great life?  Start by loving yourself first to establish the foundation for living a great life.  What does it mean to love oneself first?  Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with being selfish. On the contrary, loving yourself unconditionally […]

The Value of Making Mistakes

By Marie Nguyen Making mistakes is of tremendous value in the learning process.  However, it is important to realize after the fact, that one did make a mistake.  The acknowledgement will help one start the process to connect cause and consequence, to understand the lesson in order to avoid making the same mistakes again.  The […]

Now You Can Always Enjoy Downstream Living

By Jennifer Seaver Stokes, Tuned In Coaching You are an amazing combination of personal character, passion and energy.  No one can compete with you being you!  I am so grateful for the presence of your strengths in my life! You are as God created you – Live by your strengths! Two years ago I took […]


By Rachel K Lugo, ReKindle Life Coaching Last week during my coaching session with my mentor coach I brought up the fact that I have never been a rah-rah type of gal and although I feel deep appreciation for most people, I have a hard time expressing it. Why? Simply because of conditioning and a […]

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

By Marie Nguyen Oscar Wilde’s quote and Socrates’ famous quote, “Soul, know thyself” have always intrigued me. Why is it crucial to know oneself?  Do you know who you are?  Do you know where you are going?  Each individual is unique and needs to find and walk his or her own path.  To acknowledge the […]

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