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W4C3 Coaches meet the following minimum expectations:

  • A coach who has completed a coach training program that consists of at least 60 hours of coach specific training as defined by the International Coach Federation. (Please email your program completion certificate to us at Your application will not be processed until this is received.)
  • Reside in either the U.S. or Canada and speak fluent English.
  • Complete Coach Application.
  • Abide by the following policy: W4C3 does not discriminate based on race, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation or identification or political affiliations in any way. We are an inclusive community dedicated to changing the world one woman at a time.
  • Pay annual fee of $35. (Directions for payment will be given upon acceptance into the program.)
  • View an orientation presentation.
  • Provide professional photograph and information for W4C3 website.
  • Provide a minimum of one round of coaching (12 sessions) per year.
  • Meet regularly with client.
  • Provide end of coaching round debrief.
  • Communicate with W4C3 with questions, concerns, recommendations, etc.

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How many W4C3 clients would you be willing to coach per month?

What strengths do you bring to coaching women in a program like W4C3?

Are there other ways you might like to further the mission of W4C3?

How did you hear about us?

Please indicate that you have read and agree to the expectations listed above and that the information you have provided is accurate.

Women For Change Coaching Community, Inc. (W4C3) does not carry or maintain liability or any other kind of insurance for W4C3 coaches. W4C3 coaches are independent volunteers and not employees or representatives of the W4C3 organization, and as such are independent contractors. Each coach is encouraged to check with their existing providers to see if they would be covered under those policies or require additional insurance. Coaches agree to indemnify and hold harmless Women For Change Coaching Community, Inc. for any claims, fees or liability related in any way to their activities or ommissions when coaching or volunteering their services for W4C3.

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Please email your program completion certificate to us at Your application will not be processed until this is received.

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