Benefits of Coaching

Working with a W4C3 coach allows you to:

  • Gain new insights and expand possibilities
  • Become more balanced in your life
  • Become focused on what’s most important to you and what fulfills you
  • Achieve goals you’ve never thought possible, both personally and professionally
  • Optimize your inner trust, intuition and self-worth
  • Achieve more with an accountability partner


Coaching is a process that allows you to accelerate forward, especially when you’ve been stuck. By realigning your momentum, your life becomes easier and more peaceful and fulfilling.   A coach won’t tell you what to do or give you all of the answers. A coach is objective, non-judgmental, an excellent listener, and helps you to uncover the strategies and steps forward that work best for you.  As a client, you are responsible for the commitment to achieve the agreed upon action steps and for your own success.

Note:  After your application has been accepted and you attend your orientation, a nonrefundable fee will be required to begin your 12 weeks of coaching. Your fee will be based on a sliding scale. $35 fee applies to an annual household income less than $40,000.

Goals To Work On With Your Coach

Here is a great list of 500+ coaching topics that you might want to consider. Of course, you might already have some things in mind. To start working with one of our coaches please fill out an application.

What would you add to the list?


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