What is coaching?  The International Coach Federation defines coaching as: partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coaching relationship provides a safe space for supporting clients in discovering what is important to them and designing action plans for accomplishing goals in line with their values.

How long is a coaching round?  12 weekly sessions, 45-60 minutes.

Where do coaching sessions take place?  By telephone or Skype.

What is the client fee for a coaching round?  $35 for one coaching round (12 sessions) for those with an annual household income less than $40,000. Additional income levels may qualify on a sliding scale. Instruction for fee payment will be given during your orientation call.

What is the cost for coaches?  Coaches pay annual administration fee of $35.

Who do I talk with when I have a problem with my coach/client?  Please contact the Program Administrator, pa@women4changecc.org.

How are coaches and clients matched?  A number of factors are considered in the coach-client match, including: time zone,schedule availability, client goals and coach specialties.

What if I want to keep coaching with my coach after 12 sessions?  Talk with your coach to determine a) if your coach will be available for another 12 sessions and b) if you would benefit from another round of coaching. If your coach agrees and is available, then you can submit a request to the Program Administrator at pa@women4changecc.org. If your coach is unavailable, you may request a round with another coach. Priority is given to first time participants, so matching with a new coach for a 2nd round is based on coach availability at the time. The fee for another round is the same as your initial fee based on the sliding scale.

How can I write a guest blog post?  Please review our submission guidelines and how to submit your guest blog post here.

How do I become a W4C3 Coach?   To become a W4C3 Coach, please apply by clicking here.

How do I become a W4C3 Client?  To become a W4C3 Client, please apply here.

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