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We are pleased to welcome our newest coaches! Please read more about them in our online Coach Directory! Maali Albalt Katie Milton Tamara Richardson Alison Carroll


By Rachel K Lugo, ReKindle Life Coaching Last week during my coaching session with my mentor coach I brought up the fact that I have never been a rah-rah type of gal and although I feel deep appreciation for most people, I have a hard time expressing it. Why? Simply because of conditioning and a […]

Jennifer Seaver Stokes


Location: Indianapolis, IN Coaching Niche: Helping individuals and business owners who feel overworked and undervalued to discover and activate their strengths so they can create the personal and professional lives they desire. Her passion for strengths development and energy leadership awareness is at the core of her coaching practice. Website: www.tunedincoaching.com

Ode to the Coaches and Coachees

By Marie Nguyen Together … …we embark on an invaluable journey of self-exploration. …we speak Truth and listen with our open hearts. …we connect and create a world filled with positive possibilities and actions. …we express our true selves and expand our horizon of awareness. …we embrace life to the fullest, riding the wind of […]

Dana Samaradzich


Location: Valparaiso, Indiana Practice Name: Optimal Balance Coaching Niche: Dana Samardzich is a life coach who works with professional women to help them take back their time so they can develop fulfilling lives for themselves. After looking inside herself and working on establishing what the values were that were most important to her in her life, she […]

Rokhaya Sidikou


Location: Toronto Business Name: Blissful Purpose Coaching Niche: Rokhaya coaches women from various backgrounds to help them find and live their true purpose. She inspires them towards greater relationships, health and happiness. She also coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners to create and meet their desired financial targets. She is a certified life and professional coach with […]

Women’s Intuition – Fact or Myth?

Jennifer Olney

By Jennifer Olney, Founder of GingerConsulting In our journey we have all heard the term “women’s intuition,” but is it real, or just a myth? Do women have some sort of “psychic” ability to discern others’ feelings and what they are thinking? There is a much more logical, and research-based answer. Research on nonverbal communication […]

Marie Nguyen


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Business Name: Light on Action Life Coaching Niche: Personal development, Women in Transition

W4C3′s November’s Roundup

For Mom’s of Teens – Moving into the Coach Role.  by Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D. What’s your role in your teen’s life?  What a peculiar question!  You’re her/his/their parent!  Yet, what does that really mean?  How do you live that role? Thinking about being a parent, when you have been one for almost two decades, is […]

How to Ask Questions that Get Results and Change Lives

Lyn Allen

Women For Change Coaching Community Is Delighted to Announce Our 2nd Coach CCEU Workshop:     “How to Ask Questions that Get Results and Change Lives”     Our speaker will be MCC, BCC, and PMC Lyn Allen.   In this presentation you will learn: The secret to truly transformational inquiry. How to ask difficult questions with […]

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