Perception Matters…Manage it well

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Cornelia Shipley Your leadership effectiveness is impacted by the perceptions of those you work for, those who work for you and those you work with. If you fail to manage the perception these three stakeholder communities have of you and your performance you may struggle to achieve your career objectives. Daily those you work with are assessing […]

3 steps to prepare for High Stakes Discussion

Guest Blog by Nancy McCabe     Here’s 3 critical steps to prepare for any high stakes discussion. Fact Gathering. Not sure what you don’t know? Do your homework. When Ali, his new boss of 4 months, set-up a performance review meeting, Jamie was determined to have a challenging conversation. He wanted to ask for a raise along with a […]

Power Tools

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Jason Gamba RENTING: To occupy somebody else’s property or use somebody else’s equipment in return for regular payments. OWNING: Belonging to or done by a particular person or thing. This power tool targets and focuses on accountability. On my life’s journey, I have discovered a philosophy of living life at […]

Communicating as an Introvert

Cindy Biggs pic

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Cindy Biggs I attended one of those milestone high school class reunions three months ago.  Let’s say I was anxious about going to see a group of people that I have had no contact with since I left the last class reunion 15 years ago. As a class officer, I had […]

Is your to-do list getting in your way?

Guest post by W4C3 Coach, Cory Thomsen If you have a practice of keeping a running list of the things you need to get done, I challenge you to STOP IT. (Except for groceries!) Here’s why. Unfinished tasks lead to intrusive, irrational thoughts – a huge drain on our energy. And, as you know, the list […]

What if Joy was your Default Setting?


Guest Blog by W4C3 Coach Julie Holly What would your life be like if you woke up every morning and jumped out of bed filled with excitement?  What if you could look forward to your day knowing everyone you meet will mirror your positive feelings?  What if your day flew by and everything worked out in your favor? Some would say that’s a totally unrealistic dream.  But does it have […]

Are you a Person of Interest?

Guest post by  W4C3 Coach, Cornelia Shipley So this week I checked my email and found out that my name had been posted on the internet (thanks Google alerts). When I followed the link – (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ARTICLE THAT WAS POSTED) I discovered I was a Person of Interest. That’s right, people […]

Hard Choice Ahead? 8 Tips for Solution Focused Decision Making

Guest post by W4C3 coach Ellen Quick, PhD, BCC. Please visit her website at Facing a tough decision soon? Here are 8 tips for tailoring your decision making process to your style, what you know about yourself, and the decision you’re facing.   Look toward the destination, what you really want and what you value. Maybe it can be […]

Coaching Model

Guest blog by W4C3 Coach: Jason Gamba ARISE COACHING MODEL The ARISE Coaching Model is based on using your inner strength to overcome obstacles.  It is about recognizing counterproductive habits or behaviors that are keeping them down and rising to the occasion to strive for your goals in spite of these obstacles.  Finding and employing the strengths that work for you are the foundation.  It can be summed […]

Energy Cycles

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Julianne Miranda Our lives are full of natural cycles that are as unique as we are. When we tune into them, we tap into a powerful source of support for our creative work and a resource on which we can depend to focus our intentional activity. Pinpointing particular energy cycles […]

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