What is Your Internal Compass?

Guest post by W4C3 Coach Janet Lesley Powers

Some years ago, I suddenly found myself without a home, without my career, and thousands of miles from the man I loved. I had moved out of my home in the UK, and was off to complete my studies in the US and be with my sweetheart. I had said goodbye to all my friends and family, when circumstances suddenly changed and I was not able to move. My planned route had dissolved. My professional pathway was blocked, I did not have a home and I was not with the man I loved. When I lay in my son’s guest bed that night, suitcase packed by my side, feeling rather shaken, I asked “What is my internal compass now? What could guide my life now, no matter what happens to me, no matter where I am?”

Leaders who really stand out are those who know their internal compass quite intimately. They know their personal values and what truly matters to them. In a Forbes article Richard Branson shares his top three principles, and he says “If you love what you do and if you believe in what you do, others will share your enthusiasm.”

If we can habitually ‘tune in’ to our personal compass, we will know if we want to keep going in the same direction ‘no matter what’, even when things look shaky. We’ll also intuitively know when it’s in our best interest to change course, even if that takes enormous courage.

As our lives change and we grow wiser, we may want to adjust our internal compass according to deeper, more meaningful values. A marine compass adjuster uses sensitive instruments to adjust a ship’s magnetic compass to ‘true north’. Imagine crossing thousands of

miles of ocean with a compass that is even a few degrees out. There’s little chance that you will end up at your planned destination!

We can use sensitive, intuitive questions to dig deep within ourselves to check our internal compass and adjust it when needed. We can ask ourselves questions such as: “What matters most to me now?” “What values serve as my internal compass ‘no matter what’?”

How Coaching Can Help You

An intuitive coach will help you regain clarity about your personal compass. As you, the client are supported to re-adjust your internal compass, you become more self-assured, confident and empowered. You become more able to resolve persistent issues and better able to manage sudden changes in your circumstances. You’ll be better equipped to sail onward through life with the wind at your back.

Janet Lesley Powers is a certified Life and Leadership Coach, and a Certified Group Facilitator, having graduated from two executive programs in Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. In 2015 she immigrated to the US to marry and settle in Rockville MD.


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