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Guest post by W4C3 Coach, Teresa Bitner


Notice I avoided the word GOAL on purpose. Some folks hate goals, some are real goal setters and others I call goal half-way-ers .

Goal Setting Hater’s – Ready to invest time and energy to move forward?
Pick something you’d like to do or accomplish in the next week or month.
Take a few moments to think about the outcome and how you’d feel when you accomplished this.
The longer and more vivid that vision is the better.
That’s it!
Nothing to write down or track! Often making a conscious vision about an outcome is all it takes to meet a goal.

Goal Setters – Have a goal that’s particularly challenging?
Do the same as above for the Haters and add some mini steps to accomplishing it
Break the goal into bite size chunks.
How many steps and actions does it take to reach the tough goal?
Who could help you?
What resources do you have?

Goal Half-Way-ers -Should/Need/Want to-ers – Ready to move past the guilt, obligation, desire but no action?
Pick one small thing you can do today to move forward on your goal.
Make that one thing a SMART goal
Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound.
You can always add the Hater and Goal-Setter steps as well
For example my big overall goal is: I desire less stress in my life and wish to incorporate a meditation practice to my daily routine. Here’s a bite size goal for one-day example:
S: I will meditate
M: for 15 minutes
A: Yes – I have the time blocked in my schedule (I can do it now, etc.)
R: Yes, I have a quiet space for this and guided meditation support.
T: Today 1/6/17 for 15 minutes.
Complete the goal and celebrate – you took one step forward!!

See how easy that was? Easy the first time, by March not so much. I totally understand that. I fall into that as well sometimes.  We all know it takes time for habits to form. Keep working at them and keep doing what you can to move forward. Looking for support in achieving goals and making new habits? Let’s connect.

Peace, Love, & Blessings,

Teresa Bitner

Bold Fulfilled Business & Life Coach –Resilient Change and Loss Specialty

Original post from Teresa’s Jan. 2017 blog:


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