How to create your Turning Point for Success

Guest post by W4C3 Coach Julie Holly, CEG


You are at a point in your life where things just don’t seem to be working. You’ve read all the books, listened to all the recordings and taken all the workshops. Why doesn’t all this manifesting stuff work for you?

In his book, Resilience from the Heart, Gregg Braden talks about creating turning points. He described how martial artists are trained to break concrete blocks with their hands. The key is to focus on a point just below the bottom of the block. The focus is on having achieved the objective. “. . . for just an instant the thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs within the martial artist’s body, mind and soul are totally focused on a single point in space and time, the point just below the block. . . In that moment of focus nothing else exists, including the concrete block.”

How can you apply this lesson to manifesting what you want for yourself? The key is where you focus. Without realizing it, many of us tend to block what we want by focusing on not having it. For instance, if you’re unhappy in your current job and looking for something else, do you focus on trying to find that job or do you feel what it would be like to already be in that position?

As the martial artist focuses on the point just below the block, his or her beliefs and fears of possible failure are suspended. Nothing else exists except having successfully achieved the objective. He or she sees it as completed and does not leave space for thoughts of failure.

Like the martial artist, you can create your turning point by choosing where you focus. By focusing on hoping to find your perfect job, you’re allowing for the possibility of failure. But by focusing on already having it you signal that you’re successful and attract what you want.

Develop a daily practice of training your focus on already having achieved what you want and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it comes.

Julie Holly is a Life Vision & Empowerment Coach. Both her training and her own triumphs over personal challenges provide the foundation for Julie to guide you to trust your own choices, set healthy boundaries and manage conflict with confidence. For more information go to


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