We five weeks in. Do you know what your year will be about?

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Heidi Swartz


In December 2012, a good friend invited me to pick a word for 2013. No more long lists of resolutions, just a simple, guiding word to give me structure and focus for the year.

So I picked a word for 2013: Responsibility. And it worked! I took responsibility for my life — particularly finances and fun— with an intention that proved valuable.

My 2017 word is Execute. To me, this means putting all my beautifully crafted plans in action. Goals and plans mean nothing if we don’t take steps to bring them to fruition. (That “aha” brought to me by a Thanksgiving conversation with my son.)

It’s good to choose a word that stretches you. Just a little. For more insight on how to choose your word, see this Fast Company article. For help on how to keep your word, here are my top tips:

Display it. Choose three places where you’re most likely to be thinking and deciding what’s next. For me that means desk, top bathroom drawer and nightstand.

Share it. It’s very helpful to have an accountability buddy or at least someone you can share with out loud.

Say ‘when.” Let’s say you choose the word “Kindness.” Anticipate ways to put your word in action by identifying a few scenarios, e.g. “When I’m at the grocery store…think kindness; or, “When I want to say something snarky about my  co-worker…kindness;” or even, “When I go to bed, I will review my kindest moments of the day…” The point is that the more specific you are, the more successful you’ll be in moving from intention to action.

Happy word hunting — and when you choose your word, email it to me!

 “It’s who you want to be instead of what you regret.” 
— Rachel Olsen co-author of My One Word: Change Your life With Just One Word.


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