Our mission at Women For Change Coaching Community® is to make coaching
accessible for all women seeking positive change in their lives. 
"W4C3 not only helped me get the support and direction I needed to reach my goal of putting on a workshop in my area, but also helped me to keep going when I got discouraged."
We Serve Women

Women For Change Coaching Community® Has Provided Professional Coaching to Over 500 Women

Currently, we serve women across the United States and Canada, who have an annual household adjusted gross income of $40,000* or less. (*other incomes may qualify for coaching on a sliding scale.)
My W4C3 coach has helped me create very positive changes in my life. Getting a much better job with higher income and much more opportunity for professional advancement is one of the big, positive changes that have taken place for me while working with my W4C3 coach.
Just $35 Can Change a Life

Women For Change Coaching Community® Provides 12 Hours of Professional Coaching for a Nominal Fee

I did not know what to expect from working with a life coach. We worked on issues such as self-care, career transition, and communication. The articles, suggestions, and thought-provoking questions inspired me to continue to move forward. I am thankful and appreciative for all of her efforts. I am happy to tell you that I’ve signed up for another 12 wk. session with my W4C3 coach.
Due to the generous support of our community and the volunteer efforts of our coaches, Women For Change Coaching Community® is able to provide 12 hours (3-6 months) of coaching for women who desire to make a positive change in their life for only $35*.

(*fee based on annual household income of $40,000 or less. Other incomes may qualify for coaching on a sliding scale)

Susan's Story

Susan found herself unemployed for the second Christmas in a row and the single primary caretaker of her 3 year old granddaughter. Although she's very self-motivated, and constantly looks to improve her skills, she knew she needed more and found it through her coach at Women For Change Coaching Community (W4C3). Through coaching she was able to reboot her self-confidence, establish a plan for obtaining the right job, was offered every job for which she interviewed, and accepted a marketing position which spoke to her skill set and core values. Her coach helped her focus on her strengths, understand the value of her experience and story, and connect with her passion for community service. She was offered more money than expected, has good health care coverage and a new lease on life. Her future, and that of her granddaughter is bright!

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