Change Starts with Me

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Kelly Gangl


I have always been an avid reader and love the idea of discovering new ways of thinking. Although I have learned a lot from others, some lessons had to be discovered on my own. Realizing what I truly desired helped identify the small steps needed to move me towards my ideal life. I had to say no at times and place my own needs as a priority. There is a reason why airlines instruct passengers to give themselves oxygen first. You cannot effectively care for others if you are not healthy in mind, body and spirit. I had to change myself if I wanted to strive for something greater. This blog describes the steps I took to change the direction of my life.

1. Take time to dream about what you really want.

Take the time to create a vision that can serve as your internal guide. Establishing a vision makes it easier to identify the actions needed to move you in towards the ideal. Everyone needs an internal compass that helps them to navigate towards their dreams. This compass serves as a way to steer around the emergencies that are bound to happen in everyday life.

2. Identify the limiting beliefs that block your progress.

Every normal person has fears and limiting beliefs. It is an ordinary part of being human. Realizing that negative self-talk is a normal part of every person’s life gave me perspective. I started noticing without judgement when I was holding myself back with negative beliefs. I realized that it was just that, a negative perspective. I could flip the negative opinion and counter it with a more positive one. For example, I realized that when I compared myself to others, I questioned my self-worth and my abilities. I learned to instead consider the things I do that people notice and acknowledge about me that are unique. This helped me to listen more for the authentic value I offer.

3. Identify action steps and plan them into your daily routine.

I identified small essential steps and then built them into my daily routine. For example, if I wanted to lose 15 pounds, I had to schedule time to work-out and eat healthy meals. I knew that 70% of a healthy fitness program is based on the calories consumed. I had to identify meals that I enjoyed and then plan a grocery list. I also made meals ahead of time on the weekend. This planning helped me to stay focused throughout the week. For exercise, I set an alarm earlier each morning. These actions helped me gain a sense of pride and resilience.

After working my way to the executive level as a Human Resource professional, I made a decision mid-career to return to school for a Master’s Degree in Organization Development. I became certified as a Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification in February of 2016 and founded an LLC called Connect-to-Thrive Business Coaching. I provide a flexible process to help you imagine the outcomes that are most essential to you. I then help you to align your actions with your intentions in order to stretch into your best self.

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