Top 10 Attributes of a Great Coach


Guest post by W4C3 Coach, Jason Gamba

1. Passion for the coaching process

2. Ability to get clients to reframe their perspective

3. Holding the client accountable

4. Respect for the client and their expertise

5. Active listener

6. Non-judgmental

7. Client Centric

8. Ability to ask meaningful questions

9. Ability to make the client feel comfortable opening up to them


What I Have Learned from my Experience as a Coach

The main thing I have learned in my coaching sessions is to be “Client Centric”. The session is all about the client. I can create a comfortable, safe space for my client. I have learned to differentiate between support and help, responding and reacting and to release judgment. I am able to let go of my agenda and allow the client to be themself.

Another thing I have learned has to do with Active Listening. I was in the habit of waiting for the other person to stop talking so I can say what I wanted to say, sometimes cutting them off before they finished. I have begun to allow ample time after my client stops speaking before I respond to them.

I have also learned how not to give advice to my clients. I am developing my ability to ask thoughtful questions in place of leading my clients with questions that suggest what I think they should do.

The biggest thing I have learned is, I am a Coach and will continue to develop my skills as a Coach every day.

Jason Gamba, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), is a Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach. Mr. Gamba graduated from the International Coaching Academy’s Advanced Coaching Program. The Coaching model he utilizes is ARISE, which is based on using the client’s inner strength to overcome obstacles. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Binghamton University. Originally published on


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