Change=Loss & First Step to Surviving Change

Guest post by W4C3 Coach, Teresa Bitner

My life is dynamic because I welcome change – Deepak Chopra

I have survived many changes in the seasons of life: moves, career changes, and the most impactful changes of the death of my 1st husband, and most recently the death of my mother this past year. Life is all about change and we cannot escape change.

What is a change anyway? defines it as: To transform, become different, alter, modify, switch, and pass gradually.

Think about a change you’ve experienced recently. Take a moment and remember that change. What emotions did you have? Was it an awesome change? Maybe you got some good news or have a new relationship. Was it an awful change? Perhaps you received some bad or sad news, or a relationship ended. With a change there is an emotional response and an associated loss. Change equals loss.

How do we survive change and eventually learn to thrive in change?

We start by acknowledging that change has brought about loss. Now we can start to move forward with survival steps. I use a set of steps when working with my clients as we move forward through the change. We start by first surviving the change, then we move toward thriving.

First step to surviving change – Make a list of all the losses that are associated with the change.

You didn’t just get divorced, loose/change a job, just become caregiver, empty nester. You lost… a partner, friends, lifestyle, helper, person who did …, loss of income, loss of power, sense of self, self esteem, purpose, safety, confidant, home, familiar…., etc.

Take time to list ALL the losses.

Celebrate you took the first step and listed your losses due to your change!

Here’s to working towards accepting change.  May you be ready to welcome ALL change!

What changes have you been through? How have you survived change?  W4C3 would love to hear from you and learn more.

Peace, Love, & Blessings,

Teresa Bitner

Bold Fulfilled Business & Life Coach –Resilient Change and Loss Specialty

Original blog post from Teresa’s blog:

Teresa Bitner, PMP, M.Ed, ACC  is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) professional certified coach, speaker and author who specializes in building resiliency through change and loss – changes in health, career, or life situation – loss of a loved one, job, relationship, pet, or divorce.  She partners with you through life’s heartfelt changes to build resiliency, move forward, and live boldly again.


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