Focusing on your Strengths

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Cindy Biggs

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In the 1950s psychologist Donald Clifton asked the question, “What will happen when we think about what is RIGHT with people rather than fixating on what is WRONG with them?”

Imagine that. Most evaluations I have had throughout my career depict what I am doing well, but always end with goals or actions I have to take to fix my weaknesses.  Those are the things that are not my strengths.  Really?

Clifton’s work led to four decades of world-wide research by Gallup.   The strengths based leadership movement begun.  Over thirteen million people have taken the strengths finder assessments to discover their top five leadership strengths.

After working within the strengths based leadership movement these last ten years, what I have learned and observed is that the most effective leaders always know and invest in their leadership strengths. They also know that to get the most leverage, they need to focus on their team’s strengths by surrounding themselves with the right people to maximize their own strengths.

Imagine if you are told, ”Here’s what you are doing well, so let’s figure out how you can  focus on those areas of strengths even more over the next year?”

When leadership focuses on their strengths, team members:

  • Look forward to going to work
  • There are more positive than negative interactions with co-workers
  • They tell their friends they work for a great company
  • Daily, they will achieve more
  • There are more positive, creative, innovative moments

So, The BIGG question you can ask yourself is, “On your very best day of work, that day that you come home and talk about how great your job is, what did you do?”

Have you had a day like that? I hope you have.   If so, this is the day that you focused on your strengths.  You will love the work that focuses on your strengths, as I have.  If you’ve not, take the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment today!

Cindy Biggs, CPCC, ACC,  is an Accomplished Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach, Trainer, and Mentor started her encore career in 2012 after 33 years of work in the non-profit, health care sector as a CEO and Vice President of Organization Development.   Years before she left her last position as VP of Organization Development, she took the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment as part of a company-wide strategy and decided to focus on her strengths in the next stage of her career as President of C. Biggs and Associates.







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