Postcards to yourself!

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Julianne Miranda

Throughout all the various approaches to goal setting, the importance of sharing your goals with a trusted friend or family member is an important theme.  This bit of accountability can make the difference in your commitment to following through with your intentions. We also know that as time goes on, we might need to tap into sources of inspiration to forward our actions.
Of the many ideas I have collected over the years, one of my favorite ways to cultivate unexpected inspiration comes in a simple note of encouragement. The fun part of this practice is that the inspiration comes from within! Gather a half-dozen greeting cards or postcards. They can be blank or have inspiring images, messages, or creative designs that remind you of your commitment to your goals. Write yourself a loving note of encouragement and affirmation on each one, self-address and stamp the envelopes or postcards, and then give them to a friend or family member. Ask this person to mail them randomly during whatever time span you think you might need the inspiration. For example, you might be devoting the next six months to a creative project. Ask her to mail one card each month on a day that she chooses. The letter or card will remind you of your purpose, encourage you, and give you that spark of inspiration to keep going.
Writing these messages has an added benefit. As you take time to thoughtfully and intentionally craft each message, you also have the opportunity to powerfully reflect on the strengths and talents on which you can draw to achieve your goals. This is a wonderful time to connect deeply with yourself as you think about all that you want to achieve. As time passes, you may forget about these strengths and talents so take time to write each one, knowing that you will receive exactly the right reminder when you need it! What messages will you write to yourself today?


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