Hold Strong to your Vision

Guest post by W4C3 Coach, Yengyee Lor-Yang


The rainbow symbolism is that your troubles will come to past so hold strong in your faith, your vision and your goals and the rainbow will bring you new beginnings and prosperity. (Source: http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/rainbow-symbolism.html).

On my way to see my best friend, I encountered a beautiful rainbow.  I saw 1/3 of the rainbow and quickly looked to see if I could find the rest.  I did see the end of the rainbow but the middle was covered in clouds.  I thought hmm isn’t that interesting. Isn’t that sometimes where we all are at, some point on our journey, the cloud.  We get started and get excited and motivated and then it gets cloudy and dark and we lose sight of the rest of our rainbow.  Some of us jump off right before the slide down to the pot of gold because it’s just too difficult.

Hold strong to your faith and your vision is the symbolism of a rainbow.  It is when you hold strong to your faith and your vision that your rainbow will bring new beginnings and prosperity.  Meaning if you keep going, you keep fighting, you’ll get there.

You see, when I realized that the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals, is me, my limiting beliefs, thoughts and inactions. The only thing stopping you from creating the life you want, is you.  Are you going to be someone that jumps off and views rainbows on the sideline or are you going to weather the storms to get to the end and reap the rewards?

I’m not afraid of the clouds, been in them, many of them and I came out stronger, better and more in-love with me.  Yes, I got zapped, I got poured on, I even got blown back a few miles (that hurts!), but I got this rainbow. I know the pot is at the end of the rainbow and I’m going to get there.  I know, I will because I can and I am deserving. You are deserving.

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Yengyee is a personal leadership coach and consultant working with youth, adults and organizations to help develop leaders from the inside-out.  Leadership is about qualities of a person that will exude influence over others, therefore, the essence of the person should be solid.  Building this solid foundation is what I do.


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