Communicating as an Introvert

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Cindy Biggs

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I attended one of those milestone high school class reunions three months ago.  Let’s say I was anxious about going to see a group of people that I have had no contact with since I left the last class reunion 15 years ago.

As a class officer, I had reached out to the reunion committee to let them know that I would be happy to be a master of ceremonies.  I was told that “no one on the committee can speak in front of groups”, and that they were all introverts.  So my introverted self said no problem.

Let’s be clear, introverts are often overlooked and misunderstood.  We are all too busy to give introverts the time to think through things before we want them to respond.  We don’t have time to put out agendas before meetings to give introverts time to read it and think through what is being discussed.   We hold pop up brainstorming meetings where the extroverts will naturally dominate.

It’s my mission to show that introverts can be great communicators.  When we know our subject matter, we can be maestros in delivering dynamite trainings. We can be inspirational speakers, and great facilitators, great actors and most importantly, probably the best leaders.

Introversion and extroversion is all about where you get your energy.  Introverts generally have a tendency to be more sensitive to stimulation.  We all have challenges in managing our energy, but in very different ways.

The beauty of it all is that we can learn how to focus on each other’s strengths and personalities, while being mindful of our natural tendencies.  The world demands that we must learn how to live with diversity.  We must learn how to adopt our communication style and personality style to best meet the needs of others.  We must create work environments and cultures that allow all people to thrive and be fully present and be heard.  We can learn to listen more, to establish clarity, because my friend, despite all of this, we are still more alike than we are unalike.

Cindy Biggs, CPCC, ACC,  is an Accomplished Leadership Development Expert and Executive Coach, Trainer, and Mentor started her encore career in 2012 after 33 years of work in the non-profit, health care sector as a CEO and Vice President of Organization Development.  She celebrates being an introvert and leans in on it and talks about it whenever she can (or has enough energy to do so!).




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