What if Joy was your Default Setting?


Guest Blog by W4C3 Coach Julie Holly

What would your life be like if you woke up every morning and jumped out of bed filled with excitement?  What if you could look forward to your day knowing everyone you meet will mirror your positive feelings?  What if your day flew by and everything worked out in your favor?

Some would say that’s a totally unrealistic dream.  But does it have to be?  When your current circumstances are not optimal it’s easy to understand why the above scenario would seem unattainable.  Most of us don’t jump out of bed as much as roll over and pry ourselves out from under the blankets.

But what if joy could be your default setting?  Sure, we all need a little contrast in our lives.  If bad stuff never happened how would we recognize and appreciate the good?  But if you find you cannot relate to the possibility of joy, I challenge you to try a different perspective.

There was a time when I always focused on the negative aspect of life.  I didn’t realize it then but I was bringing people down by the handfuls.  No one wanted to be around me because I complained incessantly.  Finally, one day a close friend voiced what everyone else was thinking and it caused me to stop and reflect.

Eventually I realized all the negative stories I had been telling myself also had a positive aspect.  I just wasn’t allowing myself to see them because misery was my comfort zone.  We all have past events that were hurtful.  We all also get to choose where we focus.

I challenge you to look at your “misery” stories.  What’s your favorite?  Is it a childhood parental relationship story?  Is it a lost opportunity that you’re taking out on yourself or someone else?  If you’re not feeling joyful on a fairly regular basis, what would have to change in order for you to get there?  How can you find the positive in your story? Take consistent baby steps and move closer to finding your joy.


Julie Holly is a Life Vision & Empowerment Coach.  Both her training and her own triumphs over personal challenges provide the foundation for Julie to guide you to trust your own choices, set healthy boundaries and manage conflict with confidence.  For more information go to https://innerradiancecoaching.com



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