Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution!


Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Julianne Miranda

Every year, we make resolutions for the upcoming year – things we want to start doing or stop doing, old patterns to discard, and new behaviors to adopt. The problem is, while our intentions are good, we often set goals that we can’t possibly achieve. Mid-February, well, we find ourselves back at square one.

So this year, I suggest you DON’T make a New Year’s Resolution. Instead, make a January Resolution. Settle on a single goal you can meet in the next three weeks and be intentional about attending to your goal each day. Three weeks instead of an entire year? Yes, research shows that when we can devote 21 days of intentional focus on a goal, we are actually able to change our behavior around the goal in a more lasting way than if we set a goal for the entire year. Our daily activities and attention can help us change behaviors in desirable ways. Once the end of January comes, set a new goal for the end of February and so on. Meeting this goal also provides an important bit of resolution mojo – experiencing success gives us the confidence to continue on and set even larger goals. Once we learn how to set attainable goals and meet them, it becomes a skill we can cultivate throughout the year in support of lasting change.

And don’t forget your friends. Our commitments to change are more likely to succeed if we accompany our good intentions with an adequate support structure. Tell a trusted friend or family member about your goal and ask for encouragement. Being able to report about your progress is a good way of ensuring that you have accountability to support your daily progress.

So here’s to your January Resolution – and to lasting change, three weeks at a time!


BIO: Julianne M. Miranda brings more than 25 years experience as an educator, professionally certified coach and end of life professional to her work with individuals and groups. Since 2005, she has been coaching women all across the country at every stage of life. You can find her on the web at



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