The KEY to “Less of This = More of that” ( and vice versa)

Guest Post by W4C3 Coach, Lori DiGuardi


Many people want more of something in their lives, or less of something else. People need help with creating “more” or creating “less”, so I’m offering a simple key concept that people often aren’t aware of.

Here’s the thing: in order to have MORE of something you must have LESS of something else. The reverse is true too. When we create something in our lives we aren’t creating from brand new energy. We create from existing energy so we are simply setting an intention of transformation and then acting on our intention: transforming this into that. Creating more or less of whatever it is we want requires doing something different because to do the same thing will not create the more or less of any new thing.

Your MORE or LESS requires you to take responsibility for change in some way.

Take me as an example. I work at home. I write my books and blog posts at home. I coach on the phone and on Skype. I eat dinner at home often. My habits and work life mean that I am bound to be alone if everything remains the same. Yet, I love connecting with people in person. I want more of that. I must set an intention to be social and then act on my intention. I can’t do the same thing that I do every day and create change. To have MORE connection in person, I must have LESS time alone. This change won’t happen by itself; I must take responsibility.

Here are examples of MOREx = LESSy: where x = this and y = that.

* More exercise time equals less time for none exercise activities.

* Eating more healthy food means eating less unhealthy food.

* Less exhaustion equals more rest/boundaries/play/support.

* Less stress requires more experiences of inner peace.

* More fulfillment means less investment in things you don’t value.

MOREx = LESSy is not complicated math.

In the formula MOREx = LESSy, what is your x? What is your y? What commitment can you make to honor what you value?

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